Future Founders PR Plan

Future Founders is a Chicago based non-profit that focuses on assisting young entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. As part of Research, Data and Insights class with Professor Matt Ragas, my team researched the various aspects of Future Founders by using tools like Meltwater and Crimson Hexagon and by interviewing current and former cohorts of the organization. We proposed a campaign on the idea that entrepreneurship is about people. Future Founders executives chose my group’s proposal as the class winner.



You are not a loan

ChangED is a unique application that helps users make payments toward their student loans. As part of the Engaging Latinx Communities class, my team and I conducted original research to inform an integrated communication proposal for ChangED, around the theme “You are not a loan”. We developed insights on how to engage with Latinx audiences and proposed specific communication applications for the client to share via social media.



Making Mate

For Consumer Insights class, my team and I were tasked with conducting original research to create a proposal for the marketing of yerba mate, a tea drink popular in South America, to consumers in the United States. Through original qualitative research, we based our proposal on three key findings: Latinx audience’s preference for healthy options, appeal of culturally relevant communication and influence of word of mouth recommendations.  


  • Jennifer Delgado

  • Neena Lecher


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