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Writing Samples

Snowy Stream

Throughout the season the Chicago Cubs offer a number of Special Ticket Offers, including a Game of Thrones Night earlier this season. It was my responsibility to create a media advisory meant to alert local news outlets about the ticket offer in hopes that they would mention it on their newscast or website. The special ticket offer was eventually mentioned on all local broadcast news stations and the special ticket offer was sold out.


Before each Chicago Cubs homestand I am responsible for drafting a “Homestand Release”. This release alerts media and fans about who the team plays, what food and beverage offerings they can expect during the games, the team’s charitable efforts and other entertainment and events happening during the homestand. Creating the final draft of this release requires the collaboration of members of various teams throughout the organization. I gather the information, compose it according to our format and work with the marketing and media relations team on distribution. In addition to the release, we send out posts on social media and emails to fans. 

Golden Gate Park

While working at the Chicago Park District the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) approached us to write an article about wellness programing and policies. Working with the assistant press secretary, we drafted an article for the NRPA magazine about how the Chicago Park District enacts its mission to promote, educate and motivate Chicagoans to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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